Thursday, January 22, 2009

An Ending Starts With A New Beginning

Inauguration weekend marked the end of many things: the end of another president's administration, the end of a historic candidacy and transition period, and, on a personal level, the end of nearly two years of being involved in and bearing witness to an extraordinary number of momentous events. Inauguration weekend also marked the dawn of a new beginning.

Below I've included some pictures and videos from the highlights of my weekend.

"We Are One" Concert at the Lincoln Memorial

Manifest Hope Art Gallery and Party

Santagold performs

Singing Goodbye with De La Soul

Even the security guard is dancing

The Swearing-In
The following pictures were snapped by my friend, Theo LeCompte, at the swearing-in ceremony. I wasn't with him, but his vantage point is so incredible, that I wanted to share them.

The Parade

The Ball

Mr. President and the First Lady for the first time

How Good Lookin' is my Wife?

Let's Welcome Beyonce

At Last

A Kiss from Beyonce (Not for Me, Unfortunately)

The Weekend Comes to an End.

A New Beginning Dawns.