Monday, November 24, 2008

Make That A Ring For Two

In my law school admission essay, I promoted the idea that both men and women should wear engagement rings. While I believe my idea had merit, at the time I couldn’t figure out a satisfying ritual on the level of the pop-the-question-on-one-knee-and-proceed-to-get-all-teary-eyed custom that we have for when a man proposes to a woman. (From a business perspective, I still like my idea though the diamond industry has looked elsewhere to expand their market by pushing right hand independence rings for women).

Well, a couple of friends may have, unintentionally, come up with the solution to my dilemma for me. Several weeks ago, the then-boyfriend surprised his then-girlfriend by getting down on one knee and proposing with a ring. They agreed however that his proposal and her yes was only half the deal. She needed to pop the question to him (and he had to say yes) and only then would they be properly engaged. A few days later, the then-girlfriend surprised her then half-boyfriend, half-fiancé with a picnic and a proposal. He said yes and the engagement was sealed. (He’s not wearing an engagement ring, but that’s a mere technicality.)

The couple is now on the happy road to marriage and I'm getting all teary eyed at this wonderful idea.