Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Digital Age

Shawn and me

I recently entered the 21st century and purchased a digital camera, which will facilitate posting more pictures on my blog. To that end, after only a half day's work, I've taught myself how to publish pictures and movies on my blog (though still not very well), and have posted some of the highlight pictures from the DNC. I've also included a couple of videos from the dramatic roll call that took place to nominate Barack Obama. This multimedia presentation is for short term entertainment while I finish writing a few posts that are in the works.

Two other quick things to note: First, check out my dad's letter to the editor in the NY Times that was published earlier this week. It's the first time he's gotten one in since graduate school (I've sent in letters a bunch of times but with no luck).

Second, in case you'd like some convincing that my blog is worthwhile reading, you'll notice that I suggested Sarah Palin as a good VP choice for McCain back in July. (While I strongly disagree with her policies and think there's a lot she can be criticized for, I stand by my assessment that she's a good VP choice for McCain). I also advised Obama to wait as long as possible to select a VP, which he did by waiting until the eve of the Democratic convention before announcing his running mate. All this is to say that I'm on the money and people (politicians and otherwise) should listen to me more.

Enjoy the show!

The Roll Call Begins

The Great State of Maryland

How Does New York Cast Its Votes

The Historic Nomination Takes Place...

...And the Crowd Goes Wild