Friday, April 11, 2008

Two Random Tidbits

Today, I became friends with Chelsea Clinton on Facebook. (She just joined Facebook and she has already 2,000 friends. Compare that to the 330 I've accumulated over a year. Believe me, I feel special). In the "About Me" section of Chelsea's facebook profile, she describes herself as follows: "Like so many young people around the country, I am working hard to make my mom my President!" Note to Chelsea: I'm pretty sure no one else in the country is working to make their mom their President. In fact, last I checked my Mom wasn't even allowed to run for the job (because she was born abroad). (It helps that I don't think she'd be interested even if she could run for President).

I went shopping for vegetables near my school today and Sarah Jessica Parker walked in while I was shopping. This means my count of celebrity sightings in the three years I've gone to school in the West Village has officially multiplied from one to two. The last one took place almost exactly a year ago. Coincidence? I think not. I almost asked SJP what vegetables I should put in the salad I was going home to make, but then I would have felt bad not inviting her to dinner also.