Thursday, March 13, 2008

In The News Again....

Though this one might not rise to the level of getting my head shot and words of wisdom published in New York Magazine, I couldn't resist sharing my most recent mention in the press. As you'll see, it's all uphill downhill from here and people might actually start thinking I'm someone important. (Don't worry, I'm not letting this get to my head).

One of the political blogs I've become hooked on this primary election season is a blog known as The Fix, written by Chris Cillizza and published on the Washington Post politics website. I'd highly recommend this blog to anyone looking for articulate, easy to read and insightful political analysis; it's one of my favorite sources to get my daily - sometimes hourly - dose of politics updates. The Fix has a tradition of running an online predictions contest on the day of any significant primary vote in the Presidential race. In the blog's comments section, readers are invited to submit their guess for the percentage split of votes between the candidates in both the Democratic and Republican contests and to craft what they think the newspaper headlines will be the morning after the election. Winners are then announced for the most accurate predictions for the Republican and Democratic primaries, and for the best storyline.

On a whim (I don't remember what exactly prompted me to do it, but I think it was a slow day in class), I decided to submit my prediction for the outcome of the Ohio-Texas primaries and jotted down what I thought would be the headline the next morning. Well, today I found out that I won the best storyline!! (Though the actual primary results were available last week, The Fix makes sure to review all the submissions extremely carefully to avoid any possibility of a recount). My grand prize will be an official Fix T-Shirt, which I'm looking forward to wearing proudly. Check out the winners' announcement online by clicking here (I'm identified by my screen name aglasner, in case you're wondering.)

My winning headlines:

Hillary Three-Steps Her Way to Wins in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island as the Democratic Dance Marathon Heads to Pennsylvania.

Huckabee Runs Out Of Steam (and Miracles) - McCain Captures The Crown.

This comes a close second to the time I was mentioned in passing in a government newsletter devoted to the West Wing, one of the best television shows to ever air, but then I at least had my full name disclosed as opposed to just my screen name. The big question now is do I get a small, medium or large t-shirt? Submit your vote in my comments section. The t-shirt size with the highest vote tally will be the one I pick (subject to certain overriding factors such as whether I think it will fit my extremely muscular and sculpted upper body frame).