Friday, February 23, 2007

Poetic License

“Other blogs are somewhat finer” thinks me in my head,
When I sit down to write instead of sleeping in bed.

Perhaps I should question this statement of fact,
but indeed –
further thought does not make me take back
that fleeting emotion which keeps me awake-
at late hours, with my thoughts all half-baked.

One blog I know is a pleasant diversion,
And another is really a poetic immersion.
A list of my favs includes a sports commentator,
whose friend has not found the lost Doron Sheffer.
And then to a dreamy but grounded creation,
for the all-American Chipotle-nation.

Such interesting subjects and prosaic expressions,
leaves me with my blog and some lasting questions
do I write anything interesting or only nonsensical ditty?
Are my jokes not amusing or are they as witty –
(as I think they are)?

My wandering musings are of course needless conjecture,
for when I sit down, I write with great pleasure,
I can write when I’m happy and perchance when I’m blue;
On topics that extend to me and to you.

I come to a close now having written my fair share,
of a posting that is nothing but a (not winning any pulitzers, but still bearable) poetic affair;
It’s all an attempt at trying to write
a couple of rhymes before saying goodnight.