Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Blog is Back

I'm happy to be back online after my first foray into blogging this past summer, with the highly acclaimed (at least according to me:), Southern Exposure. This time around, I’m planning on expanding the scope of my musings beyond my experience in the Deep South to the regular (and sometimes irregular) events and happenings in my life, and to the issues and current events that I find interesting. For the sake of my own time and for a better reading experience, I'm also hoping to keep the average length of each of my posts shorter than the lenghty treatises I was writing this past summer.

Ultimately I decided to restart my blog because I realized that I enjoyed taking the time to write and to reflect about the experiences and issues that affect my daily life. I especially love those occasions when friends or family or any other readers out there in the wide open blogo-sphere post a comment or send an email with their own thoughts in reaction to what I've written. As always, I look forward to those times.

And with that…let the blogging begin.